Episode #07 Kamil Maras: Scaling a business from $0-$5mil

Branding, Marketing and Reputation… how to accomplish growth? The bottom line to corner market growth is branding and branding starts with reputation. Whether you are getting started in Real Estate investing or you have an already growing business, the keys to growing are the same. Flipping a buy and holds for your business. 

We can read as many books as we can, we can talk and share, we can do a lot of things, but unless we take action, nothing will move the needle. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about, just do it. and figure out the details later.


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 Expert Speech Topics

 Keys to scaling a new business

How to corner and solidify your market

How has Martial Arts help you in your business

What was the one key moment that made a significant difference in your career

Keys to growing a real estate portfolio from zero

What’s the most important overall key to success from your experience?

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