Episode #09 Charlie Engle: Revolve Around One Simple Idea

Some people allow obstacles to stop them in their tracks. Some people permit obstacles to defeat them. But today, our special guest who used obstacles as stepping stones. Overcoming obstacles is one way to learn some of the best life lessons for survival. It’s because he determined that there was life after the struggle.  

Charlie an Ultra-Distance Runner & Adventure Sport Specialist shared a story about addiction and recovery, running around the world, including the Sahara Desert, overcoming obstacles, surviving anything by suing an open-heart and a curious mind.


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Charlie Engle working on a couple of big projects right now is the lunching of his  5.8 global adventure the first installment will be a run and bike and climb from the lowest place in Africa to the top of Kilimanjaro. Later, he will go from the Dead Sea to the top of Mount Everest. In conjunction, he will be launching a new nonprofit called “We are one village”

Running saved my life…. and then it gave me a life

Charlie Engle

Featured on the Show:

To connect with Charlie Engle: Website | Project website | Facebook | Instagram 

Expert Speech Topics

Addiction and what that looks like for you?

How did you finally stop?

What led you to run across the Sahara desert?

Is there a relationship between addiction and running for you?

What roles does having kids play in your choices about adventure?

What’s the next big project for you?

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