Episode 11: Humble of Beginning in USA with just $7 in his Pocket and a Dream.

Vinney Chopra – “Vinney Smiles Chopra”, a mechanical engineer, came to the US from India with $7 in his pocket. He sold encyclopedias and bibles door-to-door as a student. His hard work paid off when he graduated from George Washington University with an M.B.A (In marketing). He realized then, that he would make his career in ” Relationship Building and Networking” filed. 

As a Multifamily Syndication expert he has facilitated over 26 successful syndication deals and has acquired and manages a very successful real estate investment portfolio worth over $220 million. He is in the midst of his 27th offering of $50 million raise. 

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He travels and gives live presentations and webinars on Wealth Building through Real Estate, Creating Wealth with Multifamily Investing, Value- Add Win/Win Negotiations, Emerging Markets, Market Cycles, Economic Funding, Commercial Properties Analysis, Due Diligence, Investing in MultiFamily and the Art of Raising Money. 

Passion to live, Focus, Goal setting, Persistence, Rejection, Attitude and Happiness!  It’s a game of “Mindsetting” Commitment  and Burning  desire to WIN!

Vinney Chopra

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Or you can reach Vinney by texting the word “Syndication” to 47-47-47 or email at vinney@moneilig.com


Vinney’s story of humble beginnings in USA with just $7 in his pocket and a dream

How his mistake turned into profitability in four assets, bringing great equity returns to investors. 

How the company name, “Moneil”, was chosen

Why one should stay in this correcting market, to pick the fruits when Market corrects!

How his companies just delivered a 40% IRR per year for 6 years straight to Investors!!

The mission and vision of his successful business model through his teams of people

Building wealth through B and C multifamily investment groups.

Understanding emerging markets and trends, investor relationship building systems and renovations of multi-family units. Networking & Negotiations. 

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