Episode 12 Adam Cole: Self Improvement! Why It Is So Important For A Success?

Education teaches us to control. It guides us about what is acceptable behaviour in a certain environments and what isn’t. Experience, another form of education, teaches us when to exercise caution and when to be spontaneous.  Regardless if it is education or experience, both provide us unique ideas and theories on success and what it means to succeed.

Today, our Special Guest, Adam Cole, talks about the importance of education an gives us insight into his story which is one that demonstrates in real-life the impact education and experience has on your level of success, on the unique insights it provides and the overall idea that education and experience can be a huge leap of the crowd if used correctly. 

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Education opens doors I would’ve never known are even remotely out here and we all will read a book or ticket class or listening to a podcast. And it’s so important for us to retain that information why is to be the best I possibly can.

Adam Cole

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What’s his education has done for him and how it impacted his success path?

Why his education is important to him and you

Education and growth… what is the difference?

How his growth has impacted his life overall?

His new path and continued success plan

What have you learned recently?

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