Episode #13 Dr. Forrest Bryant: Making A Difference – The Mastermind, Education and Community Impact – Disrupt Your Path!

Dr. Forrest Bryant is a Dentist, Licnesed Financial Planner, and Real Estate Investor among many others roles. However, foremost, no matter which role he takes, his core goal is to make difference. Execelling at sports, academics and his dental career, Dr. Bryant’s life came to sudden stand-still as at age 39, he had to come to terms with a series of debilitating health issues that eventually robbed him of his love of practicing dentistry, building it to point where buyers were lined up to buy his dental practices. Dr. Byrant began investing in real estate, learnin new and better ways to create passive income with tax efficient strategies and became a Securities Licensed Financial Planner. He now helps other medical practitioners and high net worth individuals grow and protect their wealth. 

Dr. Bryant is now embarking on his boldest adventure yet, and he wants you to join him. High Speed Alliance helps Doctors, CEOs and their families generate a passive income that leads to freedom and creates a legacy for generations to come. 

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To whom much is given, much is required.

Dr. Forrest Bryant

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Dr. Forrest shares his journey, setbacks, etc

What mistakes do clients most often make? 

What are some easy fixes for the most common mistakes?

Dr. Forrest explains qualified opportunity zone funds and investments/capital gains.