Episode #13 Blaine Oelkers: Results Machines™️ Making your results automatic.

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Blaine Oelkers is a lifetime entrepreneur and has been running profitable businesses for over 25 years. He’s done over $100 Million in sales. A graduate of Purduee University and Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship program, Blaine has owned and operated a consulting firm, a pizza franchise, four health and wellness businesses, a personal development company and he started two social enterprises to help end malnutrition in s sustainable way using a business model rather than the charity model.

His passion is to help people discover their often hidden abilities to live the life they desire, design and deserve! He’s recently released the book Think and Grow Rich Book Study Edition, he’s co-authored a book with Jay Conrad Levinson and Guerilla Marketing and one with Dan Kennedy on Success.  He’s ceritified in Guerilla Marketing and Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion. Blaine has coached 1,000’s of business owners. He speciliazes in results and is currently America’s Chief Results Officer.

[mejsaudio src=”https://www.buzzsprout.com/230946/1055050-episode-14-blaine-oelkers-results-machines-making-your-results-automatic.mp3″ height=”40″ width=”750″]

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Action speaks louder than words kind of guy

Blaine Oelkers

Featured on the Show:

Co-authored Think and Grow Rich Book Study Edition with Napoleon Hill

Co-authored a book with Jay Conrad Levinson on Guerilla Marketing

Co-authored a book with Dan Kennedy on Success – The Ultimate Success Secret

TEDx Speaker – January 2017 – WYTAYBA – BlaineTEDx.com

CRO – Chief Results Officer – Currenly holding rhis position with a few organizations

Free Guidebook – www.FreeGuideToThinkandGrowRich.com

Free Report- www.ForcedClarity.com – 4 steps to gaining clarity

Free Report  – www.My10kHour.com – How to have a $10,000 hour

TEDx talk – www.BlaineTEDx.com 

America’s Chief Results Officer – Action speaks louder than words type of guy

Expert Speech Topics

Shares about his background and history with the book Think and Grow Rich

He shared about one of his bucket list items was to do a TEDx talk

Talked about something called Results Machines  – what are those?

How can our listeners set up their Results Machine?

What are the most important part of the day and how do you make the most of that?

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