Episode #16 Mike McCarthy: Team Building, Community Creation, and Family Legacy Building

Mike McCarthy is an Entreprenuer, Speaker, and the Author of Miracle Morning for Parents and Families. He is the founder of Fambundance, a family mastermind community that creates multi-generational personal development opportunities for like-hearted and like-minded families. 

He is the Regional Owner of the Keller Williams Greater PA Region which has expanded significantly due to his fierce commitment to growth and personal development and is also a Co-founder of GoBundance, an Adventure Masterminding group of hard-charging entrepreneurs. McCarthy is also a lead LEAF Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, which is a system that designs and delivers high level group collaborations in high stakes scenarios.

Mike also helps others as a Certified Spirit Coach, where he teaches individuals to use their subtle energies to tap into intuition and discover their authentic power. He owns a brewery and restaurant in Florida along with an estimated 40 other partnerships in income producing assets. One of Mike’s top priorities is spending time and traveling with his wife Lindsay, their son Tyler and daughter Ember. 

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He believes in living a balanced life and is dedicated to grabbing life big

Mike McCarthy

Featured on the Show:

Mike McCarthy is passionate about the upcoming will GoBundance Mastermind in Austin in August https://www.gobundance.com/3rd-annual-summer-adventure-and-mastermind-austin

Check out Mike’s Fambundance Group today! fambundance.com/familyvalues

Join us for 8 days of fun in the sun, share your successes, your failures, your goals and all about where you’ve been and where you’re gonna be.

We will dive in multiple ways than one… from diving into the bluest ocean.. to diving into live deals.. the FUN won’t stop.. Join the FUN today!