Episode #24 Salena Kulkarni: An International Perspective on Property Investing

Salena Kulkarni is an Amazon bestselling author, Chartered Accountant, Certified Property Investment Adviser and founder of the Freedom Warrior Mastermind.

She has been an avid property investor for two decades and after realizing the leverage of time and finances that real estate offers, Salena has spent years exploring property strategies, building unique frameworks to develop sustainable wealth and dedicating herself to developing an A-grade network.

She is passionate about helping people who want to use their hard-earned income to amplify their wealth via property. She now works as a property strategist and mentor to help business owners understand how to operate as a professional investor and gain the edge needed to create rapid financial freedom.

Her latest program, Freedom Warrior, is a Mastermind designed to help people catapult their wealth and shave decades off most investors’ retirement timelines. This mastermind exposes business owners to a new world of

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Amazon Best Selling Author Chartered Accountant Certified Property Investment Adviser Founder of Freedom Warrior Mastermind

Salena Kulkarni

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How did she become a property investor?

What do you feel is the best property investment strategy today?

How do you help people develop their own property strategy?

What do you think is the biggest challenge for investors today?

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