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Episode 12 Adam Cole: Self Improvement! Why It Is So Important For A Success?

Education teaches us to control. It guides us about what is acceptable behaviour in a certain environments and what isn’t. Experience, another form of education, teaches us when to exercise caution and when to be spontaneous.  Regardless if it is education or experience, both provide us unique ideas and theories on success and what it...

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Episode 11: Humble of Beginning in USA with just $7 in his Pocket and a Dream.

Vinney Chopra – “Vinney Smiles Chopra”, a mechanical engineer, came to the US from India with $7 in his pocket. He sold encyclopedias and bibles door-to-door as a student. His hard work paid off when he graduated from George Washington University with an M.B.A (In marketing). He realized then, that he would make his career...

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Episode #10 Mark Jackson & Tim Winders: The Secret Behind REO’s

Many Real Estate Professionals involved with the listing of REO properties are looking  for professional development and REO Training. The right education and training can help you acquire more REO listings and achieve greater success.  Today, Mark ‘MJ’ Jackson shares “The Secret of REO’s”. MJ is an expert Valuation Specialist who is dedicated to helping...

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Episode #09 Charlie Engle: Revolve Around One Simple Idea

Some people allow obstacles to stop them in their tracks. Some people permit obstacles to defeat them. But today, our special guest who used obstacles as stepping stones. Overcoming obstacles is one way to learn some of the best life lessons for survival. It’s because he determined that there was life after the struggle.   Charlie...

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Episode #08 Steven Hatcher: The Lender-Flipper Formula for Success

In our Podcast with Dr. Steve Hatcher this week, Dr. Hatcher talks to us about his success in life, career and his real estate strategy. He shares his own strategy including how to determine profitable leads, how to find a property manager that helps protect your assets and his belief in managed rehabs vs. flip.  ...

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