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Latest Episodes

Episode #38: Appraiser Secrets – International Investing Part 2 with Special Guest Shirea Carroll

Taking The Valuation First Approach With InvestorComps will enable you to invest successfully from anywhere, in any market no matter the conditions. Listen as special guest Shirea Carroll breaks down her investment...

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Episode #37: Appraiser Secrets – Take A Valuation Approach To Real Estate Investment For Success In Any Market!

Tune in as MJ shares foundational principles on real estate investing in any market to prepare for success and sustain unexpected events. Learn to build your team and knowledge base to achieve...

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Episode #36: Appraiser Secrets – International Investing With InvestorComps

Learn How InvestorComps Mastermind Student Shirea Carroll has mastered the art of virtual real estate investing. Since joining the InvestorComps family in the spring of 2020, Shirea has been able to close...

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Episode #35: Appraiser Secrets – The Sales Comparison Approach

The Sales Comparison Approach compares recently-sold local similar properties to the subject property. Price adjustments are made for differences in the comparable and subject property. The sales comparison approach is the foundation...

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Episode #34: Appraiser Secrets – The Cost Approach To Real Estate

The cost approach determines value by adding the value of the land to the cost of a new equivalent building, then subtracting out any depreciation. In this episode we will walk through...

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Episode #33: Appraiser Secrets – Land/Site Valuation

In this episode we tackle land/site valuation. Land and site valuation is an appraisal technique that involves gathering information about comparable site values of recent sales and creating a ratio between the...

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