Episode #01: Welcome To The Appraiser Secrets Podcast

Investorcomps is an information marketing company that provides data so that anyone in the country can look up a property in all the major markets across the US and certain. What is the best acquisition? How much they pay for piece of real estate and also the best after repaired value what would they be able to remarket it sell it for down the road in addition that we provide support if you have a challenge figure those numbers out we’re right there to guide you hold your hand through that process.

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America’s discount home deals and that is our platform of which we do all the right acquisition of real estate presently in seventeen different states of our own portfolio and then providing capital resources and training of property management a contractor for all of your coaching students so that they can actually grow their individual businesses with the tools and knowledge the wisdom that we’ve been able to gain.

The result of founding Investorcomps with the real estate valuation data in training for real estate investors domestically and internationally on which came from my background as a real estate appraiser.

You don’t believe that you’re in such demand that someone will send for your book, your accommodations just to have you come to teach about the things that you do so it’s an honor to be in a position to serve I don’t take it lightly in a lot of ways I’m humbled by it because it’s more than I could have ever dreamed up really it.

The Investor Summit is the place to find YOUR tribe and hang out with people that strive for the same level of success as you. Build your Real Estate fortunes with a group of people that you want to succeed.

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