Month: December 2019

Episode #29: Learn the Ins & Outs of Mobile Home Investing With Special Guests Max Keller & Glenn Stromberg

Max Keller began his real estate career with single-family residential properties, wholesaling, completing fix and flip rehabs, and acquiring rentals. After completing over 100 deals in multiple states. he looked for a way to more easily scale his real estate business and found mobile homes. Once Max started working with mobile homes, he was hooked. Almost every challenge that was present in the single-family residential world of investing was either absent or greatly reduced in mobile home investing. Max his business partner Glenn, and their company, Mobile Vested, have a goal of helping over 10,000 new existing mobile home investors. 

Glenn began his career in real estate in 1982, quickly becoming a top sales manager for a mobile home dealership. Over his 37 years in the mobile home industry, he developed mobile home subdivisions, owned a mobile home park, owned and operated mobile home sales centers and brought, sold and leased single family homes. Today, Glenn invest in his most profitable venture to date, double-wide career and is excited to have the opportunity to share his legacy and valuable knowledge with you.


Max Keller and Glenn Stromberg, the Founders of Mobile Vested, are eager to share their real estate experience and knowledge from participating in thousands of Real Estate Deals.

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It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes. – Warren Buffett

Max Keller & Glenn Stromberg

Mobile Vested was created to serve over 10,000 new and existing mobile home investors across the nation.  Their company helps investors use mobile homes and as a vehicle to make money on their first deals or make money on their next deals. 

There are many ways to get to financial goals, and they believe that investing in mobile homes is the easiest in the real estate world. If you’ve been trying to invest for some time without success, check us out. They would love to help you. 

Ready to peek behind the curtain? 

  • Are you tired of the lack of opportunity in multifamily and single-family investing
  • Tired of following advice from people who don’t “practice what they preach”
  • Would you like an easier way to hit your real estate goals?

Check out their online content, you will learn THREE proven advantages mobile home investing gives you. You will learn how to:

  • Invest in areas that have very little competition. Would you like very little competition?
  • Tap into the strategies that have allowed us to complete THOUSANDS of mobile home transactions.
  • Follow a proven system to obtain passive income. How about real estate for half the price and double the cash flow? It’s not a unicorn, keep reading to learn more.

Featured on the Show:

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How did they get involved in mobile home investing? 

Briefly recap their journey from when they started real estate to now?

What are some of the biggest misconceptions around mobile home investing? 

What are some of the advantages to mobile home investing?

What is the difference between personal property mobile homes and real estate? 

What is the competition like for mobile homes investors? 

How they figure out the value of the mobile home?

Do they make good rentals?