Episode #06 How To Get Focused On What It Takes To Move Your Business Forward

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Today, Yes, we were talking earlier about some exciting things, We are definitely men on the road and on the above. So exciting, Well, we have actually had kind of three-legged stool today that we’re going to tie together. We’ve got three topics that were to address. So, I’m excited for everyone to kind hear this and I just want people to stick around to the end we’ve got some special things to mention, but first thing that we want to do and this is something that’s near and dear to both mark and his heart that is to just share other people’s successes. Let’s talk about that in general and let’s go into more detail.

We’re thinking about that is really and I love it talking about this right now because a lot of things that we do at InvestorComps certainly as we share and care through this vehicle of Appraiser Secrets kind of gets focused on, that’s the top of the organization. 

[mejsaudio src=”https://www.buzzsprout.com/230946/974858-episode-06-how-to-get-focused-on-what-it-takes-to-move-your-business-forward.mp3″ height=”40″ width=”750″]

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Overwhelming, in the 13 years since we’ve launched InvestorComps and providing valuation data, information, and training both domestically and nationally, there’s been some really great success stories. We want to share one that we just recently had with Mr. Ollie Thomas of Gary, Indiana. Ollie joined the InvestorComps world early in 2018, and he’s been moving ever since.

You know, what is it that helped him be successful utilizing InvestorComps to do his real estate and do it very well. So just want to recognize Ollie he’s been able to do add long term revenue to his business. Short term revenues of business and building 80 a wealth portfolio that will provide passive income for years and years and years to come.



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